Smart tracking for smart manufacturing

Improves efficiency

Automates item tracking processes

Reduces bottlenecks

Essential items are always available

Full audit trail

For traceability and accountability

Correct stocking

Accurate data delivered in real time

Real-time tracking systems from PervasID provide near 100% accurate visibility of all inventory, assets and equipment, enabling large enterprises to streamline operations and implement just-in-time manufacturing.  Using our hyper accurate fixed reader systems, you can be sure that all critical equipment, material and parts are in the right place at the right time for your production line.

Automated system: We provide a cost-effective way to automatically track tools, parts and equipment used throughout the manufacturing process. Operations run more efficiently because staff are able to find essential items quickly and the total number of lost or stolen items is dramatically reduced because assets are assigned to to specific individuals, departments or contractors.


Accurate tracking: Whilst conventional fixed passive solutions struggle to accurately track metal items, our wide-area RFID readers are proven to delivery consistently high read rates the first time, every time.

Intelligent inventory management: Our fixed RFID reader systems provide unparalleled visibility of essential components, work-in-progress (WIP), as well as finished goods stock levels and locations in real time. Workers can find what they need quickly and there is no need for time-consuming manual inventory checking.

Informed decision making:  Because we’re able to dynamically gather accurate information in real time, stock reordering can be triggered automatically and overall stock holding can be cut back as the need for “just-in-case items” is reduced.


Industry & Manufacturing

Smart tracking for smart manufacturing


Real-time stock tracking at item level


Intelligent tracking & monitoring from admission through to discharge

Supply Chain & Logistics

Unparalleled visibility into goods, assets & people

Leisure & Hospitality

Heightened customer satisfaction through slicker processes

Other Markets

Security, Defence, datacentres, livestock, blue light services and more

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