Fixed Passive RFID readers range from portal and wide area to secure cabinets. Come and visit us on booth 4C76 to find out more

 PervasID, developers and manufacturers of the world’s most accurate RAIN RFID fixed reader systems, will be showcasing Space Ranger, Portal Ranger, Security Ranger, Multi Ranger and Cabinet Ranger (new)  a fully automated tracking system for specialist security cabinets, at LogiMAT2020, Messe Stuttgart from 10-12 March. Developed in conjunction with a global industrial manufacturer, the new solution is being successfully rolled out across the industrial sector where the highest levels of speed and accuracy are essential for accountability and traceability.

 PervasID’s  fixed passive RFID readers are used for the following applications:

  • Space Ranger – a wide-area fixed RFID system for tracking & locating (zone) items and assets with 99%+ accuracy in large areas such as warehouses or stock rooms
  • Portal Ranger – a high-performing fixed RFID system for entrances/exits, door docks and choke points
  • Security Ranger – an alarm/anti-theft fixed RFID system for optimal security
  • Multi Ranger – multifunctional fixed RFID System for inventory management, stock movement and theft-prevention

 Based on the company’s patented RFID reader technology, which has proven to consistently outperform all other fixed RFID reader systems, Ranger products are capable of detecting tags with high accuracy at a rate of 400 tags per seconds. This performance truly transforms supply chain and logistics applications.

PervasID is able to achieve such high accuracy levels and fast detection rates by combining its ground-breaking RFID technology with sophisticated signal processing algorithms to overcome dead spot challenges typically associated with fixed readers systems. All PervasID Ranger readers deliver 99% plus detection accuracy in real time.

“99% plus accuracy is no longer a nice to have but an integral part of any production line process,” says Sabesan Sithamparanthan, CEO and Co-Founder of PervasID. “Our range of fixed RFID reader systems detect all tagged items in just a few seconds, even if they are densely packed, delivering the accuracy levels needed to generate comprehensive inventory reports for performance, traceability and accountability.

Enabling the tracking of important/high value assets in real time dramatically speeds up workflow processes in industrial supply chains and logistics. In the event of a particular item being misplaced or unaccounted for, it may be associated with a relevant engineer, allowing management teams to take appropriate action as a result.

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