RFID tag readings that are 99% accurate first time

Conventional fixed RFID readers struggle to read >80-90% of the tags in the vast majority of applications and use cases because of  RFID dead spots. Such low accuracy levels are simply not acceptable for modern businesses because not only do they impact the bottom line, they compromise safety and security.

Using award winning technology and advanced signal processing algorithms, we’ve developed a portfolio of ultra-high frequency (UHF) passive RFID fixed reader systems that dynamically turn dead spots into hot spots, resulting in 99%+ accurate tag detection in real time.

Our fixed reader systems are able to track passive tags over areas of up to 400m2, with near 100% accuracy in real time and can be scaled up accordingly to cover much larger areas, such as industrial warehouses, multi-storey buildings sprawling healthcare campuses.  

Portal Ranger

A powerful hands-free reader system that instantly tracks items and assets as they pass through different portals in large warehouses or on the shop floor with unmatched accuracy. It removes the need for manual tracking or recoding and provides a full audit trail for accountability and traceability purposes.

System highlights

  • Individual item tracking in densely packed pallets, roll cages, totes & stillages
  • Automated item tracking in Goods In or transition portals
  • High detection rates – even if tags are on difficult-to-read items
  • Significantly reduced labour costs and item losses

Space Ranger

A fixed Reader Ceiling RFID systemthat delivers 99% plus accurate read rates over wide areas such as retail stores, healthcare establishments or large warehouses. It eliminates the need for manual stock checks which are prone to human error, delivering real time inventory & asset visibility.

System highlights

  • Reads all tags in densely packed environments
  • Accurate readability of tags on metal surfaces
  • Easy to install in challenging scenarios while offering unlimited coverage
  • Near real-time inventory tracking at item level

Security Ranger

A shopper-friendly alternative to electronic article surveillance (EAS) pedestals typically found at the exits of stores. Discretely installed in the ceiling, Security Ranger delivers higher detection rates for exits up to 8m wide with a single reader, significantly reducing hardware and installation costs while providing specific data for stolen items.

System highlights

  • Highly cost effective for wide aisle usage
  • Overcomes traditional body shielding issue
  • Lower levels of false alarms
  • Ability to analyse stolen items, thus reducing losses


A game-changing multifunctional UHF passive Fixed RFID System that combines the Portal, Space & Security Ranger Systems into a single integrated solution, optimizing overall usage and delivering faster ROI.

System highlights

  • Cost effective wide aisle barrier free exit security
  • Storage and sales area inventory tracking
  • Tracks moving items via strategically placed portals located throughout a facility
  • Makes fixed reader systems cost-effective and viable for the first time in retail

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