Smart tracking for modern retailers

Higher conversions

Higher stock availability instore and online

Hands free

Removes the risk of human error

Faster item tracking

Merchandise located in real time

Less shrinkage

Better insight into lost or stolen items

Using cutting-edge passive RFID reader technology from PervasID, retailers can make sure their best-selling items are always on the shelves, encouraging Point of Decision purchasing and driving sales as a result.  We have partnerships with leading retail technology solution providers and can deliver highly configurable multi-functional systems that overcome >90% of tag readability problems.

Omnichannel: Our fixed reader systems deliver accurate inventory visibility for online and instore requirements. Physical stores can ensure their shelves are always well stocked while online retailers have immediate access to the latest stock information for click and collect/click and reserve services.

Improved shopping experience: By empowering sales assistants with real time stock information, the time spent searching for misplaced items can be spent with customers instead.

Boost productivity: By flagging up the exact whereabouts of popular items in real time, they can be quickly found and displayed in prominent positions, supporting display compliance, a factor directly linked to sales performance.

Prevent shrinkages and theft: The average retailer loses around 1.5% of their overall stock through shoplifting, internal theft or processing errors. Our smart exit security solution dynamically detects when unpurchased items leave the store without needing additional security tags.

Business intelligence: Accurate inventory data delivered by our systems offer powerful insights into purchasing trends, and retailers can adapt their products and store layouts in line. Best sellers can be placed in prime positions and items often purchased together can be co-located for upselling purposes.

Industry & Manufacturing

Smart tracking for smart manufacturing


Real-time stock tracking at item level


Intelligent tracking & monitoring from admission through to discharge

Supply Chain & Logistics

Unparalleled visibility into goods, assets & people

Leisure & Hospitality

Heightened customer satisfaction through slicker processes

Other Markets

Security, Defence, datacentres, livestock, blue light services and more

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