The world’s
most accurate passive
RFID technology

Passive RFID fixed reader systems from PervasID solve the majority of all tag readability challenges, changing the landscape of asset tracking and inventory management.

Our world-leading RFID readers offer unrivalled tag detection capabilities, even if tags are densely packed, in difficult to read conditions, or constantly on the move.  No other passive RFID solution on the market today can offer such accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness.


Industry & Manufacturing

Smart tracking for smart manufacturing


Real-time stock tracking at item level


Intelligent tracking & monitoring from admission through to discharge

Supply Chain & Logistics

Unparalleled visibility into goods, assets & people

Leisure & Hospitality

Heightened customer satisfaction through slicker processes

Other Markets

Security, Defence, datacentres, livestock, blue light services and more

Active RFID performance  – Passive RFID cost

RFID technology offers the potential to transform inventory management and supply chain processes across all industries. However, readability and range limitations of existing passive RFID systems are hampering wide-scale deployments. Active RFID tagging can deliver the levels of accuracy required but implementation costs are up to 200 times more expensive making it unfeasible for many businesses. Watch this video to find out how we’ve solved all historical issues associated with passive RFID tag tracking to deliver almost 100% accuracy as a result.

Case Studies

PervasID and CribMaster Introduce Accurate Intelligent Toolbox Cabinet Inventory and Tracking Solution

PervasID partnered with CribMaster, a division of Stanley Black & Decker, to introduce the world’s most accurate intelligent toolbox cabinet with in-built inventory and tool tracking capabilities. The toolbox cabinets are aimed specifically at addressing major challenges in manufacturing such as help reducing Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in the aviation industry. Download the case study to find out how.

Iconic clothing retailer improves sales and customer satisfaction with passive RFID technology from PervasID

Further to deploying our cutting-edge passive RFID reader solution, a well-known high street brand has benefitted from  increased customer satisfaction and sales. Our ground breaking inventory management system automatically tracks up to 100,000 items across a 4,000 m2 store with an unprecedented 99.9% read rate.  Download the case study to find out how.

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