Intelligent tracking from admission through to discharge

Improved patient care

Reduced waiting times through more efficient processes

Smart monitoring

Of patient records and medical equipment

Intelligent inventory management

Between wards, theatres and clinics

Full audit trail

For traceability, accountability and GS1 compliance

World-leading passive RFID technology from PervasID is changing the landscape of asset management in healthcare. We have partnerships with specialist systems integrators and we deliver systems which outperform other passive reader solutions in achieving consistently high read rates. It is scalable, easy to install and offers a truly viable alternative to expensive active RFID-based solutions or manual hand-held reader solutions.

Slicker processes: Providing real-time visibility of the exact whereabouts of medical equipment saves valuable time and resource. It also reduces CAPEX and OPEX expenditure as availability and utilisation levels of existing devices are increased.

Real time tracking of moving items: Most traditional passive RFID portal solutions run the risk of tags not being read while passing through doorways. Our unique RFID readers are able to scan asset with 99%+ accuracy.

Medical record tracking: In a large hospital, not being able to find the right record at the right time for the right patient can lead to delays in patient treatment and wasted time for clinicians. Our automated solutions dramatically reduce time spent searching for patient files which ultimately results in a better patient experience and reduces the number of medical emergencies.

Industry & Manufacturing

Smart tracking for smart manufacturing


Real-time stock tracking at item level


Intelligent tracking & monitoring from admission through to discharge

Supply Chain & Logistics

Unparalleled visibility into goods, assets & people

Leisure & Hospitality

Heightened customer satisfaction through slicker processes

Other Markets

Security, Defence, datacentres, livestock, blue light services and more

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