Healthcare conference, organised by the NHS, is being held at the Ricoh Arena Coventry on 5th March 

Dr Sabesan Sitharanthapan, CEO and founder of PervasID, developers of the world’s most accurate battery-free RFID tracking technology, has been invited to speak at the Theatres and Decontamination Conference 2020 taking place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on the 5th March. During this session delegates will learn how the company has developed a highly effective and accurate long-range tracking system for improving safety and efficiency processes at a price point affordable to NHS Trusts.

With an aging population, shrinking budgets, and increasingly complex treatment processes, delivering the highest levels of healthcare without compromising performance or patient safety has never been so challenging.  One of the biggest drains on diminishing budgets is the tracking and location of medical items and assets. Manual processes are not only time consuming and laborious; they are prone to human error and the data collected is flawed. Fixed battery-free RFID reader tracking technology offers an effective means of streamlining asset tracking processes but to date their usage has been limited to a few niche applications.

Based on pioneering research carried out at the University of Cambridge, PervasID’s unique passive RFID technology achieves unrivalled detection accuracy and responsiveness over all other solutions. As such hospitals are able to track medical devices, medical records and patient flow with the highest degree of accuracy.  This in turn reduces waiting times and heightens patient care through more efficient asset management.

“Being able to locate medical equipment, records and other assets in real time will save NHS hospitals £billions,” explains Dr Sabesan Sitharanthapan, CEO and founder of PervasID. “Studies demonstrate that our solution will pay for itself within 6-months and delivers a 300% ROI over 5 years for a 600-bed hospital.”

PervasID’s RFID systems have been piloted/deployed in several NHS trusts including Addenbrooke’s, Imperial, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and Forth Valley NHS hospitals. 

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