PervasID, a Cambridge-based award-winning RFID technology provider, is thrilled to announce that its new Flow Ranger RFID reader has been chosen to be among this year’s finalists in the best new product category of the esteemed RFID Journal awards.

This follows nominations of their innovative RFID reader products for the same award in the past two years.

The PervasID Flow Ranger is world’s only bi-directional RFID portal system capable of reading densely packed passive UHF RFID tags with higher than 99 percent accuracy compared with 80 to 90% for conventional systems. The system can cover entrances or portals of up to eight metres, while simultaneously providing high flow rate information for both directions of travel achieving read speeds of up to 400 tags per second.

The new solution enables users to track the movement of tagged assets or inventory through doorways, dock doors or other openings with unprecedented accuracy which is supported by two remarkable features:

Firstly, the Flow Ranger successfully reduces the effects of body shielding which occurs with conventional reader systems when people come between the reader and the tags preventing items from being detected. Eliminating accidental and even intentional body shielding means a higher tag detection rate which improves read accuracy providing more reliable inventory or asset data.

Secondly, thanks to a breakthrough patented innovation, the new reader has the unique ability to eliminate cross reads, which occur when items near a doorway are falsely detected as having left or entered the room. The Flow Ranger uses virtual RF boundaries to reduce the number of cross reads and accurately determine the direction of travel of assets, resulting in significantly increased inventory and asset flow accuracy. This makes it a real game changer in particular for multi-dock door and store entrance/exit applications.

To be launched at this year’s RFID Journal Virtually Live event, the system has already seen a huge amount of interest from the market place and is currently being trialled by a number of PervasID partners and customers in different industrial, healthcare, retail and logistics settings.

Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal, said:“PervasID continues to take passive UHF RFID to new levels of accuracy and traceability. The Flow Ranger’s ability to read densely packed tags with 99% accuracy and determine their direction will help in crossdocking, fulfilment and other critical applications.”

Dr. Sabesan Sithamparanathan, founder and CEO of PervasID commented: “We are delighted to be among the finalists of this well-respected award once again and proud to be presenting the world’s first bi-directional reader which achieves near 100% detection and directional accuracy.

“We believe that our solution will enable organisations to achieve unparalleled levels of accuracy with automatic inventory and asset management systems using cost effective passive RFID technology.”

Sabesan and the rest of the PervasID team will be presenting the new Flow Ranger at the RFID Journal Virtually Live! event taking place from 30 September to 1 October alongside their complete range of innovative reader solutions including Space Ranger, Portal Ranger, Cabinet Ranger, Security Ranger, Multi Ranger, Ranger 4-port Reader and Ranger 8-port Reader.

About PervasID – is a fast-growing technology company that designs and supplies world-leading, passive (battery-free) RFID fixed reader systems for automating inventory tracking, stock taking and asset management processes. Our patented products are enabling organisations across a wide range of markets to streamline processes by providing unparalleled visibility into goods, assets and people.  No other solution on the market today can offer such accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness.

For more information contact:
Sabesan Sithamparanthan; Tel: +44 (0)1223 422 383


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