Passive RFID tag reading technology with unmatched accuracy

Poor readability and range limitations are preventing the widescale deployment of fixed RFID reader systems because they cannot deliver the high levels of accuracy expected in an IoT driven world.

Built from the ground up using award-winning patented technology, we’ve  developed a portfolio of passive RFID fixed reader systems that overcome more than 90% of accuracy challenges.

Field trials carried out to date have proven that our fixed RFID systems consistently outperform all other passive solutions, providing highly cost effective, scalable and easy to install alternative for all organisations across all industries.


Using our world-leading solution, organisations can remotely and continuously track goods and assets in any location. They can leverage the item-level data captured to:

  • Support better supply chain control
  • Drive down stock and asset levels
  • Reduce losses
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Automate regulatory compliance processes

 All this can be achieved without the labour-intensive overheads associated with manual hand-held reader solutions, or the exorbitant costs associated with active RFID solutions.

Industry & Manufacturing

Smart tracking for smart manufacturing


Real-time stock tracking at item level


Intelligent tracking & monitoring from admission through to discharge

Supply Chain & Logistics

Unparalleled visibility into goods, assets & people

Leisure & Hospitality

Heightened customer satisfaction through slicker processes

Other Markets

Security, Defence, datacentres, livestock, blue light services and more

Ready for a new approach to your tag detection challenges? Let’s have a conversation…

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